With different shape, make, material, insulation, and pouring speed, tea wares influent the brew tremendously. Different teapots are suitable for different types of tea, that makes it so fascinating finding the perfect-match amount your tea and tea ware collection. Buying before knowing could be an unnecessary waste. however, everything must have a start. Mugs could be a temporary solution if you are a beginner, or just wanna have a cup of nice tea during the busy working hour.

Simple tips of using mug to brew a nice tea


1. Warm the cup: To avoid the water temperature reduces too fast, also to enjoy the dry tea scents emitted by the heat of the cup.

2. Quantity of tea: Drinking with mugs makes tealeaves steeped in the water for a very long time. Therefore, the required quantity of tea is way less than brewing with teapots. For the ball-shaped tea, put a loose layer at the bottom of the cup, while for the twist-shaped tea, put 2 layers.

3. Pour the water: The temperature of water goes down quickly in the mugs, since there’s no cover. Therefore, the water temperature could be a little bit higher than brewing with teapots, just remember to pour the water along the cup side, so that tealeaves don’t get scalded directly.

4. Re-brewing: both replenishing the water while there’s still tea brew in the cup or after finish are fine. Depends on the drinking speed and personal taste.

Simple tips to brew tea with a mug
Hope above four simple steps help you to have a good start in the world of tea tasting~
We’ll soon start sharing basic knowledge about tea wares!