DuenMu Kiln

Lin Duen-mu x Shao Shu-fen

DuenMu Kiln is a tea ware brand established by a lovely couple Lin Duen-mu and Shao Shu-fen. Every art pieces of DuenMu Kiln were designed and supervised by Master Lin, who was majored in fine art. Later on tested by Mrs. Lin, based on her many years of tea learning experience. 

Master Lin worked as an antique dealer in the early years, and that was how he met Mrs. Lin. Once in an antique hunting, they found a beautiful Jun Kiln bowl with the color of sky blue and mix up with sunset-glow-like purplish red streaks. Master Lin loved it so much that he visited JingDeZhen, the origin of this bowl, right away. And therefore accidently established their new business: the manufacture of porcelain.


The kiln was firstly based in JingDeZhen, China, and the brand was called another name: WanWuShangZhi, in Chinese it means to find the right place for each beautiful thing in life. Later on they moved the kiln location to DeHua, China, and re-named the brand after Master Lin’s name: DuenMu. Base on Master Lin’s taste and appreciation to ancient Chinese culture; the early products were mostly large decoration items, in Jun Kiln and LongQuan Kiln style. Due to the love to tea, Mrs. Lin start wondering, why not let us make some tea ware? Nevertheless, the characteristic of LongQuan Kiln is the thickness of glaze, which is too heavy for tea ware. Thereupon, Master Lin thought of a traditional technique, which is called the middle-glazed technique. And he became the first person who applied the middle-glazed technique in the tea ware. In the manufacture of porcelain, the higher saturation of the pigment, the higher content of lead. The so-called middle-glazed technique is to place the paint in between of tow layers of transparent glaze, and therefore can keep the vividness of color, but with no misgivings about being poisoned. The manufacture of middle-glazed porcelain is complicated, and with very high invisible costs. Firstly to make a biscuit, then put on transparent glaze to make it plain porcelain via extremely high temperature. Next is the painting process, and another layer of transparent glaze on the finished painting, then followed by the last time of firing. A masterpiece could be ruined in every step of the process, as long as there’s a single ash drops, or a little bit of deformation occurs.

There was an old Chinese saying describing the beauty of porcelain "White as a white jade, thin as a paper, sound like Ching (an ancient Chinese music instrument) when you knock it. This is also the standard Master Lin set for DuenMu Kiln. Master Lin admires the delicate and elegant painting style of the Song and Yuan Dynasty. Therefore, the composition of picture, the vividness of brushstroke and the accuracy of color of all pieces are strictly required in DuenMu Kiln.

 All these high qualities wasn’t achieved from the first day, when they first arrived JingDeZhen, it took months only to make the painters understand the beauty of Chinese painting is not to fill up the whole picture, but to leave some emptiness wisely as the readers’ imagination. DuenMu Kiln not only combined the beauty of the ancient and modern, but also takes good care of the practicability. The weight and the pouring angle of users of every art piece were all carefully considered. Every of the hand- painted tea ware are slightly different, the little petals and leaves that spread over the cups are so ingenious and lively. Last but not least, the glaze of DuenMu Kiln is smooth and exquisite that makes them suitable for all kinds of tea and absolutely good for condense the aroma of tea.