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Simple tips to brew tea with a mug

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With different shape, make, material, insulation, and pouring speed, tea wares influent the brew tremendously. Different teapots are suitable for different types of tea, that makes it so fascinating finding the perfect-match amount your tea and tea ware collection. Buying before knowing could be an unnecessary waste. however, everything must have a start. Mugs could be a temporary solution if you are a beginner, or just wanna have a cup of nice tea during the busy working hour.   1. Warm the cup: To avoid the water temperature reduces too fast, also to enjoy the dry tea scents emitted by...
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Feature Story - Duan-Mu Kiln

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DuenMu Kiln Lin Duen-mu x Shao Shu-fen DuenMu Kiln is a tea ware brand established by a lovely couple Lin Duen-mu and Shao Shu-fen. Every art pieces of DuenMu Kiln were designed and supervised by Master Lin, who was majored in fine art. Later on tested by Mrs. Lin, based on her many years of tea learning experience.  Master Lin worked as an antique dealer in the early years, and that was how he met Mrs. Lin. Once in an antique hunting, they found a beautiful Jun Kiln bowl with the color of sky blue and mix up with sunset-glow-like...
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